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At Electrix Bikes we create a one of kind experience for everyone who is looking to experience a better way of living. Here’s is more about us, who we are and why we do it.

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Our Purpose

Electrix Bikes’ mission is to provide our Riders and Customers, with a top of the line experience. We strive by creating adventurous, fun, safe and unique experiences. We intend to give you the best value one’s can find to ride, learn and rent an electric bike in your area or on your vacation.

Meet Our Team

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Diego Medina

Chief Executive Officer

A South Florida native with a marketing degree from Florida State University, my aim is to spark your love for e-biking by blending joy with fitness. Committed to elevating cycling experiences through exceptional customer service.

Make memories that last with Electrix Bikes, your ultimate ride guide.

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Emiliano Pacher

Chief Operations Officer

A passionate businessman, I prioritize customer experiences and teamwork to drive Electrix Bikes forward in South Florida. Dedicated to crafting unforgettable e-biking adventures for riders of all backgrounds.

Cruise through the city in style with Electrix Bikes, where joy resides.

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Yannis Goldman


Growing up riding my bike was my gateway to freedom. I founded Electrix Bike because I wanted to share this feeling with the world. My passion is to make people happy and creating Electrix Bikes allows me to fulfill my purposes.

Riding Electrix Bikes feels like surfing a wave, the feelings are unreal.

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Our Story

“It is like riding the waves of the ocean, the feelings are unreal.”

It all started with How? 

How can we help locals and visitors enjoy the best time of their life while being here? Maybe they can ride a bike…EVERYWHERE? 

The picture came to mind like a lightning bolt, why don’t we offer electric bike rentals?

Riding an electric bike is a one of kind experience. It is as easy as walking on clouds. Yes you read it right, riding Electrix is a very light experience and If one’s desires it, it can also be a bigger challenge, as you can change the degree of electric power with the pedal assist.

As most of the electric bike riders, or anyone who encounters one, we fell in love with the idea of riding e-bikes. It made even more sense to us that we are also adding fun and adventure to someone else journey, while also protecting the environment. 

Electric Bikes are perfect for South Florida. If you want to ride to the Beach, Downtown, Parks or take them to several touristic spots, there is no better around. An e-bike can take you anywhere on your vacation and also as resident it can take you to any local commute.

Book your Trip with us today. 

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